Development and the Environment

Another ‘Just Transition’ We Need to Talk About—India’s Transport Sector

While the push for EVs is an encouraging and necessary step, how is India preparing to move employment opportunities towards electric vehicles, especially for those who lose their jobs in the conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) automobiles? Where does the electricity for these vehicles come from?
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Finding A Middle Ground: Wildlife vs Human Rights Conservation

If you were to study global environmental protection movements today, there's one common aspect you might find. Each of these movements, regardless of geography,...

When Conservation, Community and Education Come Together: Kaas Plateau’s Sustainable Ecotourism Model

Over the years, influx of tourists during the flowering seasons has caused vehicular pollution and destruction of plants and shrubs at Kaas Plateau. To address these issues and conserve Kaas’s biodiversity, the local stakeholders came together to devise a sustainable ecotourism model.

Population Growth, Rapid Development and Social Inequalities: How Noida’s Urban Planning Benefits Some, Leaves...

Despite his parents' discontent, 24-year-old Agam Gupta shifted to a high-rising society in the Noida region of Delhi NCR. He says he primarily chose...
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Combatting Climate Change Through Courts

In the battle against Climate Change, courts have often played a central role across the world. From Brazil to India, we have seen landmark...

Cooling India’s Urban Poor Houses Down

Urban Poor settlements can be found in huge numbers across the country's metropolitan cities. Generally home to daily wage labourers and low-income families, these...

How The Youth are Taking Charge of the Climate

Welcome to the first episode of Blindspots! Over the course of the next few videos, we will be shedding light on the missing aspects...

Can Uttarakhand’s Push for GI Tags Revive its Traditional Crops?

Why have some Indian GI-tagged crops found international popularity, while others face competitive prices and the threat of reducing biodiversity?

The Future of Justice Srimathy’s Judgement: Treating Mother Nature as a Legal Entity

This is part two of Out of the Woods, a two-part series that explores the implication of treating Mother Nature as a legal entity....

Behind Reports of Fishers’ Demands for Euthanasia in Porbandar: Caste, Class, Religion, Livelihoods

600 small-scale Muslim fishermen in Gujarat approached the High Court to seek euthanasia because of discrimination in accessing the Gosabara wetlands.