Urban Ecology

Specific focus on citizens, municipal corporations and governance in fast-growing cities; rapid diminishing of urban ecosystems and the impact of natural resources. Emphasising the environment as the pivot in urban planning.

Stories from Beggar’s Home: How the Bombay Prevention of Begging Act Of 1959 Criminalises...

To address the issue of begging in India justly, a new government vocabulary and responsibility surrounding destitution needs to be developed.
Budget 2020: How well is India financing its fight against climate change?

Budget 2020: How well is India financing its fight against climate change?

The 2020 Union Budget has been released. With an aim to create a $5 trillion economy to push India out of its current economic...
Out of Breath: The Bhalswa Landfillvideo

Out of Breath: The Bhalswa Landfill

Filmed by Nabina Chakraborty  Just a few kilometres further from Delhi’s Jahangirpuri metro station lies a ‘hill’ that will leave you staring at it in...

The System vs. the Ecosystem: Citizen’s conservation of the Surajpur Wetlands

Authored by Vaishnavi Rathore | This article is the final instalment of Vaishnavi's series 'Ecology and the City', which explores how complications in urban...

Sparking a Conversation: Ethics vs. Economics in the Environment

In our next video in the 'Sparking A Conversation' series, Dr Mahesh Rangarajan discusses the relationship between development and nature. In a country like...

Finding Delhi’s “Encroachers”: The Lal Dora Investigation

Aside from low-income "encroachers" of common land, there are much larger players in Delhi who must also share the blame of worsening Delhi’s land scarcity.

Citizen Science: Data of the People, by the People, for the People

Last week, something interesting was introduced in the state of Sikkim. A ‘Sunny Weather Lab’ to record information like wind speed, temperature, and rainfall...

The 2020 Delhi Riots: The Anatomy of Violence in the City

In what already seems like a lifetime ago, Delhi was burning. This was before the country went into a lock down in an attempt...

Building Sustenance

The world’s cities occupy just 2% of the land use but account for 71-76% of energy-related global greenhouse gas emissions. Closer to home, India’s...
Khori Gaonvideo

Damaged, Desolate & Dirty: What Rehabilitation Looks Like for Khori’s Residents

Rehabilitation for those citizens evicted from Khori Gaon still remains a distant dream.