Urban Ecology

Specific focus on citizens, municipal corporations and governance in fast-growing cities; rapid diminishing of urban ecosystems and the impact of natural resources. Emphasising the environment as the pivot in urban planning.

Your Corporator: The Elected Representative You Forget to Vote For

Corporators have the agency and opportunity to attend to, if not solve, the most immediate and proximate woes of an urban citizen. Yet, municipal elections continue to be one of the most ignored aspects of Indian democracy, with local politics playing subordinate to state and national politics.

The Bastion Dialogues: Dr. Amita Baviskar

Images from the ongoing lockdown are clear enough evidence that the experiences of city dwellers differ vastly based on their social privilege. This means...

Construction Mud Puts Settlements on the Edge of Eviction in Yamuna Khadar

New Delhi's Central Vista Redevelopment Project puts Yamuna Khadar's settlements on the edge of eviction.
Mumbai India

A Dubious Affair: Examining Mumbai’s Coastal Road Project

Written by Harsh Ghildiyal  Mumbai’s Coastal Road Project was dreamt up over a decade ago. Expected to cost over ₹12,000 crore and be ready in...
Ghazipur landfill 2video

Out Of Breath: The Ghazipur Landfill (Part II)

Filmed by Nabina Chakraborty and Sumit Krishna Yadav. In this second instalment of Out Of Breath: The Ghazipur Landfill. We take a look at how...
Threat that Looms in the Air: A Report of New Delhi during Diwali

Threats Looming in the Air: An Assessment of New Delhi During Diwali

Researched by Siddhant Sachdeva Written by Gauri Bansal Every year, a blanket of thick and toxic smog engulfs most of the National Capital Region, with air pollution...

In Her Opinion: Dr. Veena Srinivasan on the Rural and Urban Water crisis

Today, the water crisis is one of the leading causes of worry in the environment sector. Funds are diverted towards the issue, research on...
Out of Breath: The Bhalswa Landfillvideo

Out of Breath: The Bhalswa Landfill

Filmed by Nabina Chakraborty  Just a few kilometres further from Delhi’s Jahangirpuri metro station lies a ‘hill’ that will leave you staring at it in...
The Kavoor Sewerage Treatment Plant is located in Mangalore, India. The facility treats wastewater before releasing it safely into a nearby river or to industrial parks where it is reused.

From Waste to Water: How Recycling Wastewater Kills Many Birds with One Stone

Humanity is at a point where indiscriminate use and pollution of water has reached a tipping point. Increasing water scarcity will not only limit...

In Southwest Delhi, Fields Have Been Underwater for the Last Two Decades

In Raota, a village in southwest Delhi, a blue wooden canoe floats. Four feet below the canoe is this year’s kharif paddy crop, now...