Climate Change

The effect of climate change on India and the policies and actions that are needed to counter it.

Predictive problems of climate change

Combating Climate Change: Knowing What to Do and When

Researched by Ishita Lohani Written by Ayan Tandon  Despite the multitude of failings associated with Donald Trump’s capabilities as POTUS, he possesses a reputable knack for...
Threat that Looms in the Air: A Report of New Delhi during Diwali

Threats Looming in the Air: An Assessment of New Delhi During Diwali

Researched by Siddhant Sachdeva Written by Gauri Bansal Every year, a blanket of thick and toxic smog engulfs most of the National Capital Region, with air pollution...
climate change conversation

Redefining the Climate Change Conversation

Written by Rohit Nair Climate change is widely regarded as the single biggest crisis threatening our collective future on this planet. A recent report published...
Shimla Water

Shimla’s Woes: Understanding the Water Crisis

Co-authored by Ishani Pant & Aishwarya Birla The acute shortage of water in Shimla has resulted in yet another round of blame games, while affected...
Hurricane Harvey Flooding (3)

Can America Plan Better for Cyclones in the Future?

Written by Stuti Pachisia On August 17th, the National Hurricane Center in Miami issued a warning against a small but developing tropical cyclone. Within a...
Himachal Pradesh

It’s Time to Take Forest Fires Seriously

Co-authored by Ishani Pant & Aishwarya Birla  Himachal Pradesh is undoubtedly having a torturous summer; with the Shimla water crisis reaching a crescendo, the state’s...

Preventing Desertification, One Common Land at a Time

Written & Photographed by Vaishnavi Rathore Gajinder is standing on a cliff. Ahead of him, in the flat land below lies the Marwar region of...
Air Pollution story delhi

Whatever Happened to the Lutyens?

Created by Ajitesh Bohra   To be continued....

Part II: Whatever Happened to the Lutyens?

By Ajitesh Bohra To be continued...  
Green Politics Indiavideo

Why Do We Need Green Politics In India?

Despite India facing regular environmental and natural crises such as floods and droughts, there is a lack of political representation of the "environment" as...

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