Education for the Marginalized

Analyzing the accessibility, inclusivity and efficacy of education for the marginalized in India.

Post Colonial Education in South Africa

The Africanization of Education: South Africa’s Attempt to Turn Colonial Tables

Colonialism was largely spurred by a monarchic race for resources, labour and territory. In hindsight, the brutal colonial exploitation of resource-rich Africa seemed inevitable....

Inclusion of the Margins – Primary and Secondary Education for the Disabled in India

  In 1995, the Indian legislature passed the Persons with Disabilities Act (PwD), ushering in a new conception of institutional support for children with disabilities....

Educating India’s Daughter: Has the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana Worked?

  Structural and socio-cultural limitations entrenched in modern India have prevented innumerable young girls from attending school across the country. Lack of access to education...

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