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Moving Beyond a Unidimensional AI Arms Race The Bastion

Moving Beyond a Unidimensional AI Arms Race

Written by Swagam Dasgupta  “Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia but for all humankind,” said Putin via live video to Russian students...
Electronic Walls: Protecting Ourselves in the Absence of Digital Privacy The Bastion

Electronic Walls: Protecting Ourselves in the Absence of Digital Privacy

Written by Karthik Sundar  Cambridge Analytica’s utilization of data in the Brexit and Trump campaigns was shockingly effective. Through an app called “thisismydigitallife” developed by...

Analysing Affirmative Action: A Question of Morality?

Written by Aarushi Aggarwal Anita (name changed), a girl from the General Category, is a student at a reputed Indian university. In a recently concluded...
Environment & Human Rights

The Fundamentals of Living: Human Rights and the Environment

Co-authored by Aarathi Ganesan & Siddhant Sachdeva  In the wake of worsening climate change, environmental degradation, and poorly regulated industrialization, a safe, healthy, and prolonged...
Fishing for Jobs: An In-depth Look at India's Job Drought

Fishing for Jobs: An In-depth Look at India’s Job Drought

Written by Swagam Dasgupta  Rijpal Saini, a father of four living in Pubsara, Haryana, desperately wishes for a stable income to support his family. Every...
twitter Rahul Gandhi

The Man in the Blue Mask: Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter Revival

Written by Aarathi Ganesan  After a dismal performance in the 2014 General Election, attributed to countless corruption allegations and Rahul Gandhi’s relative political inexperience, the...

Trailer: #WhereAreOurJobs

Stay tuned for our upcoming feature story that explores the reality of job creation in India. In an exclusive interview with Dr Himanshu, Associate...
Climate Change

Digging Deeper: The Relationship Between Climate Change & Capitalism

Written by Manas Dutt It is Al Gore’s almost two-decade-long, irrefutable and inconvenient truth that climate change is set to alter the planet radically if...

Friends or Foes? The Right to Information vs. The Right to Privacy

Written by Anushka Jain The government’s push to make Aadhar an integral part of the Indian’s daily life has seen a lot of opposition. At the...
Trump President

Donald Trump is a Child (And That’s Why People Love Him!)

Written by Aditya Srinivasan When faced with complicated questions, children offer the simplest responses. It is often endearing to watch a child stumble its way up...

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