What the Humanities Can Teach Us During a Pandemic

Epidemics and pandemics are humanitarian crises and hence the subject of the Humanities, as much as they are the subjects of biomedical situations, biologists,...

Learning Under Lockdown: Voices From Kashmir

Having lived in Kashmir as an educator, but not as a learner, Mubeen Masudi brings to the table a unique perspective on education. Although...

Mental Health in an Age of Productivity: The Collective Cost of Our Activism

When our worth is tied to how quickly we produce results, activism becomes dehumanizing—& has clear repercussions on the mental health of Indian activists.

Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy Amongst Women in the Informal Economy

The cost of vaccination seems to be too high for many; convincing these women can have multiplying effects on India’s drive to universally immunize.

Doxxing in India: Prevention As We Search For A Cure

Imagine this scenario: a prominent influencer shares a horrific story on Instagram, of a couple who had tortured their pet dog, injuring it gravely...

Empowering Parents To Demand Better Of Their Child’s Education

Without improving parental engagement, Indian education will lack accountability and deliver poor education under the facade of quality and equity.

The COVID-19 Battle: Pandemic v/s Privacy

The events following the global spread of COVID-19 have put governments on high alert. This has prompted a variety of initiatives to combat the...

The Shore Scene: PM-MSY’s Fisheries Development Promises Anything But Sabka Vikas

In a 2015 address delivered in Mauritius, Prime Minister Narendra Modi indulged in some curious historical revisionism worth considering today. “To me the blue...

Tokyo Calling: Preparing for the Paralympics Post-COVID

Decoding the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on para-athletes and their preparations for the Paralympic Games 2021

On the Road: Tracing the Current Patterns of Fishworkers’ Migration in India

This piece is the second instalment of a two-part series 'On the Road' by Madhuri Mondal on how fishworkers have migrated in the past,...