The Rise of Emotiveillance? Emotion AI and Ed-tech in India

A famous (and controversial) experiment in 1976 by Ekman and Friesen tried to study the facial expressions of individuals in response to certain stimuli....

Reopening Schools After 6 Months: Policy Innovation in the Face of Learning Losses

Schools and other educational institutions have been given conditional permission to resume physical classes as per the recent order of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The...

How Can Our Government-Run MOOCs Be Better?

With the onset of the second wave across India, Massive Online Open Courses will continue to be a light in the dark for stay-at-home learners. But how many government-run MOOCS do you even know of?
COVID19 India Students

COVID-19 Vaccine | Students Pursuing Higher Education Outside India Have Been Prioritized, Why Can’t...

With an in-house population of 3.74 crore students, of which 50 lakh are PhD and Masters prospects, intergenerational learning losses, early marriage, mental health issues and a rise in unemployment loom large.

B.O.L.D. Policy Actions to Ensure Optimal Public Health and Nutrition in India

As the National Nutrition Month—or Rashtriya Poshan Maah— begins this September, renewed commitment, relentless advocacy, robust policy, and reassuring action on the ground is expected from the government at every level.

One Health: The Need for Intersections Between Human, Animal and Environmental Health

This is an integrated approach to healthcare that can be adopted as a preventive measure against zoonotic diseases. But will One Health find its ground in India, or become yet another underexplored idea?

Grim Days for Ground(ed) Staff

This pandemic has brought all human activity and most industries across the world to a standstill. The IPL’s jam-packed stadiums, kids’ summer training camps...

Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy Amongst Women in the Informal Economy

The cost of vaccination seems to be too high for many; convincing these women can have multiplying effects on India’s drive to universally immunize.

Meet the Sahiyas Empowering Women to Take Control of Their Health in Rural Jharkhand

A community-based approach called Participatory Learning and Action has allowed Sahiyas to streamline their efforts, engage with marginalised communities, and command the respect and recognition that they deserve.

What if We Could Pay Farmers to Grow and Protect Forests?

COVID-19 is a global tragedy. However, what is of greater concern is that the pandemic is merely a symptom of a much larger problem:...