Empowering Parents To Demand Better Of Their Child’s Education

Without improving parental engagement, Indian education will lack accountability and deliver poor education under the facade of quality and equity.

Millets, Green Leafy Vegetables and Ant Eggs: Diversifying Diets and Tackling Malnutrition with Traditional...

A solution to malnutrition in India lies in utilizing tribal communities' indigenous food systems within cross-sectional nutrition programmes.

The Open Book Conundrum

Secondary and higher learning institutions have practised ‘blended learning’ for a year. Now, they must evaluate their own learnings just as much as they must examine their students. Are traditional methods of evaluation even fair game in this mode? Most importantly, are our teachers up for it?

Children in Shelter Homes Need Support During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Can you imagine sensing uncertainty and panic around you, but not being able to look to your family and loved ones for comfort? Can...

Education in Times of COVID: Bringing Social-Emotional Learning to Mobile Education

With the world straddling the COVID-19 pandemic, pre-existing societal issues such as violence, inequity, and poverty have been further magnified. Young children are literally...

Welcome to Clubhouse, Where Everyone is Free: Is the App Really A Bastion of...

In India, is Clubhouse the Utopian melting pot of ideas and speech it seems to be in other parts of the world? We spoke to six young, urban, English-speaking Indian professionals to find out.

No Work From Home

Modi’s Janata Curfew on this Sunday was welcomed with what can only be described as rabid energy; the fake news marshalls forwarded messages about...

Education In The Time Of COVID-19

Education goes far beyond the back and forth with our teachers and professors. Educational Institutions are spaces in which new ideas, theories and innovations...

For Digital Governance Solutions to Reach the Marginalised, Working With Offline Intermediaries Is Key

It is vital to examine the design and deployment of digital governance mechanisms in India through the lens of inclusion.

Meet the Sahiyas Empowering Women to Take Control of Their Health in Rural Jharkhand

A community-based approach called Participatory Learning and Action has allowed Sahiyas to streamline their efforts, engage with marginalised communities, and command the respect and recognition that they deserve.