Featured image: the Pune skyline as viewed from the Vadgaon Sinhgad College campus, courtesy of Mohnish Landge on Unsplash. | Data story designed by Swagam Dasgupta.

Dr. Jolad works as Associate Professor of Public Policy at FLAME University, Pune. His research interests include social policies focused on Education, Health, and Human Development. Jolad has a Ph.D. in Physics and a doctoral minor in Demography from Pennsylvania State University. Prior to joining FLAME, he taught at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar.
Dr. Shalaka Shah is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at FLAME University, Pune. Dr. Shah was engaged in business excellence research through her work as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Business Leadership Education and Competency Development, and has earned a doctorate in work-life balance and career success from Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany. Her primary research areas are work-life balance and assessing human potential through competency mapping. She has been actively involved in social work with esteemed Pune based social organizations working on gender equality, women empowerment, elderly care, and aging. Her secondary research area involves migration and related psychological aspects of migrants.
Swagam is the Co-Founder and Research Director at The Bastion. His work is geared towards exploring the role of responsible technology in the context of media and development.


  1. Such a detailed treatise on the subject. This should hopefully make the job of the Government much easier to understand the issue and address concerns raised. Best wishes to the authors and hats off to them for their effort! Wonderful work.


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