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Finding Delhi’s “Encroachers”: The Lal Dora Investigation

Aside from low-income "encroachers" of common land, there are much larger players in Delhi who must also share the blame of worsening Delhi’s land scarcity.

Unravelling Pune’s COVID-19 Migrant Crisis: History Speaks

As Pune’s boundaries become more fluid, ‘Puneris’—a historically nuanced descriptor that includes migrant groups—are diversifying too.

Construction Mud Puts Settlements on the Edge of Eviction in Yamuna...

New Delhi's Central Vista Redevelopment Project puts Yamuna Khadar's settlements on the edge of eviction.

Monsoon Mayhem: No Rehabilitation for Evicted Residents of Himachal’s Chetru

Photographs by Yogesh Upadhyay Come June, the monsoon ventures into the subcontinent and India welcomes it with open arms. But for Najuki and her husband,...

The Bastion Dialogues: Dr. Amita Baviskar

Images from the ongoing lockdown are clear enough evidence that the experiences of city dwellers differ vastly based on their social privilege. This means...