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Racism on the World Stage: Russia and the FIFA World Cup

Written by Kartik Sundar Imagine having slogged on the football field day in and day out for your entire life, all to work up to...

A “World Cup” of 10 Teams?

Written by Sreeradh Radhakrishnan  2007 was one of the worst years for any cricket fan in India and Pakistan. Fans of both teams saw their...

Qatar’s Rocky Road to 2022

Researched by Swagam Dasgupta Written by Sreeradh Radhakrishnan 2017 was a turbulent year for the State of Qatar. Qatar’s involvement with regional actors such as Hamas...

Behind Closed Doors: Corruption in the World of Sports

Researched by Sathya Sahay Written by Sreeradh Radhakrishnan In 2015, US federal authorities released cases against several top officials of FIFA, after several corruption charges...

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