Exploring the positive and negative impacts of technology on Indian society


#Dialogues: Do Applications Pose a Threat to Cyber Security? With Pukhraj Singh

Interview by Bharath Pottekkat Edited by Malavika VN The inventions of simple-looking, yet complex, mobile and desktop applications have changed the way we consume content. Be...

Technically Speaking, How Widely is Facial Recognition Being Used?

Hosted by Swagam Dasgupta  Edited by Malavika VN Facial Recognition has been one of the most controversial technologies to be used across the world over the...

Technically Speaking, Where Is India’s Public Wifi?

Edited by Malavika VN Three years ago, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, more commonly known as TRAI, designed a unique framework for Public Wifi...
Vikram Chandra Editorjivideo

Technically Speaking, How Can Technology Reform TV News? With Vikram Chandra

Chirag Chinnappa speaks to Vikram Chandra—Founder of Editorji and an ex-TV journalist—on how technology, specifically AI, can be utilized to fix the Indian digital news ecosystem.

Technically Speaking, How Can Technology Facilitate Better Administration & Development Efforts?

Interviewed by Sourya Reddy; Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal. One of the less-spoken about impacts that technology can have is on our public administration systems. But...
Backdoor Access Encryptionvideo

Technically Speaking, Should Governments Sanction Backdoor Access to Encrypted Platforms? with Yashovardhan Azad

Hosted by Sourya Reddy  Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal The end-to-end protection that comes with encrypted platforms has been a thorn in the side of both, privacy...

Technically Speaking, Why Does India Need More Public Wifi?

While the global average stands at about one public Wifi hotspot per 150 people, India currently has just about one lakh hotspots for its population of almost 1.4 billion residents. However, with mobile networks bearing the burden of data consumption in the country, what's the need for investing in a robust and accessible public Wifi infrastructure?
4g kashmir startups

Restoration of Internet Triggers Efflorescence of Online Startups in Kashmir

Kashmir’s startups are a case study of resilience for the ages. Imagine running a tech-based company wherein neither you nor your customers can access the internet for 18 months. Bred in turmoil, they offer hope to entrepreneurial communities and job-seeking locals.

Technically Speaking, Can a Journalist Display Your Whatsapp Conversations on TV?

Yet, when shown on TV, the context is often taken away and our words are left bare for the country to see and more significantly, judge. In this light, we ask Apar Gupta—Executive Director of the Internet Freedom Foundation—can a journalist display your Whatsapp conversations on TV?

The Obstacles on the Path to Accurate Monsoon Forecasting

As technical as the science may be, its accuracy—or the lack thereof—directly impacts Indians, many of whom take important livelihood decisions based on this data.