Exploring the positive and negative impacts of technology on Indian society

Vikram Chandra Editorji

Technically Speaking, How Can Technology Reform TV News? With Vikram Chandra

Chirag Chinnappa speaks to Vikram Chandra—Founder of Editorji and an ex-TV journalist—on how technology, specifically AI, can be utilized to fix the Indian digital news ecosystem.
The State Of Facial Recognition In India

The State Of Facial Recognition In India

Research by Bharath Pottekkat Presented & Edited by Sumit Krishna Yadav The Indian state is quickly adopting new forms of emerging technologies, especially facial recognition...

Isn’t State-led Censoring of Content on OTT Platforms Rather Over the Top?

Tandav—a Hindi language political thriller starring Saif Ali Khan available on Amazon’s “Prime Video'' Over-The-Top streaming service (OTT)—has been the centre of public controversy....

Technically Speaking, Can a Journalist Display Your Whatsapp Conversations on TV?

Yet, when shown on TV, the context is often taken away and our words are left bare for the country to see and more significantly, judge. In this light, we ask Apar Gupta—Executive Director of the Internet Freedom Foundation—can a journalist display your Whatsapp conversations on TV?

For Digital Governance Solutions to Reach the Marginalised, Working With Offline Intermediaries Is Key

It is vital to examine the design and deployment of digital governance mechanisms in India through the lens of inclusion.
A Brief History of Identification in India

A Brief History of Identification in India

Research by Isha Malaviya Edited & Presented by Sumit Krishna Yadav The politics of identity has long plagued the globe and India is no exception to...

Sparking A Conversation: To Link Aadhar.. Or Not To?

In our next addition to the 'Sparking A Conversation' series, Ali Khan Mahmudabad discusses the growing role of unique identification in India, namely Aadhar....

How Can Our Government-Run MOOCs Be Better?

With the onset of the second wave across India, Massive Online Open Courses will continue to be a light in the dark for stay-at-home learners. But how many government-run MOOCS do you even know of?

How Well Can E-Learning Match Up To A Traditional Classroom?

Imagine learning a course from top teachers a continent away, from the comfort of sitting at your home.Today, the Internet has brought about a...

Digitalizing India’s Judiciary: COVID-19’s Silver Lining

A hybrid model of offline and online proceedings as envisaged in Phase III of the E-Courts project is most suitable for India's judicial system.