Exploring the positive and negative impacts of technology on Indian society

Bringing Indian MSMEs into the 21st Century through Digital Payments

A development-oriented approach can bring small Indian businesses into the Digital Century.

To What Extent Does India’s Surveillance Regime Affect Citizen’s Privacy?

Attacks like 9/11 and 26/11 shock the conscience of our societies and states—it is in the background of such attacks, that governments tend to...

Tracing Traceability: Why Weakening Encryption Threatens Privacy and Free Speech

Weakening encryption technology has serious implications on privacy and security. What are the workarounds to breaking end-to-end encryption?
Esports Is Here to Stay: Where Do India’s Pro-gamers Go From Here?

Esports Is Here to Stay: Where Do India’s Pro-gamers Go From Here?

Co-authored by Armaan RM and Simran Taneja  To a non-gamer, the difference between casual gaming and “professional” Esports is indiscernible. Much like any other sport,...
A Brief History of Identification in Indiavideo

A Brief History of Identification in India

Research by Isha Malaviya Edited & Presented by Sumit Krishna Yadav The politics of identity has long plagued the globe and India is no exception to...

The 21st Century Needs A New Story

The history of civilisation is the history of great stories. Great stories have been told to humans for hundreds of years. For example, the...

Mobile Gaming: The Indian Revolution

How big is the mobile gaming economy in India? How fast is it growing? What's driving its growth? And how can it be supported?

Mediating the Media: Making India’s Children Media Literate

Authored by Ipsita Mishra  The Internet is the main source of information today, with usage climbing across urban and rural areas. Where we get our...