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Examining the impact, potential and politics of technology in education.

The Saga of Film Education: Raising Cinema to be Respectable

Written by K. Hariharan  Cinema in the 20th century was the most dominant form of popular culture across the world. Simultaneously, it was considered the...
Game Based Learning

From Rote to Tech: India’s Path to Ensuring Higher Learning Outcomes

Written by Amrita Singh How would you equally divide 16 oranges between 4 people? This year, the Annual Status of Education Report 2017 (ASER) decided...

DIKSHA: The Long-Awaited Antidote to India’s Education Crisis?

Written by Aparna Ramanujam It’s a blistering afternoon in Tamil Nadu, in July 2019. Inside a school in central Chennai, students run amok-the heat is...

Mediating the Media: Making India’s Children Media Literate

Authored by Ipsita Mishra  The Internet is the main source of information today, with usage climbing across urban and rural areas. Where we get our...

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