Education for the Marginalized

Analyzing the accessibility, inclusivity and efficacy of education for the marginalized in India.

Why Inclusive Education Benefits Everyone, Not Just the Disabled: With Jo Chopra-McGowan, Executive Director,...

Almost 40% of children with disabilities in India have never attended a school of any sort—and even among those who have, 40% considered dropping...
School Consolidation India

In Search of a Vaccine for Public Education: What’s With Consolidating Schools?

By Sourya Reddy  Headlines like these have been finding a place in newspapers for a little over a couple of years now. Of the sparse...
public school consolidation India

In Search of a Vaccine for Public Education: Is School Consolidation the Answer?

By Sourya Reddy  The idea of school consolidations are fairly simple in theory; for a particular region, in schools where there are too few students,...

Bastion Shorts: How Safe Do Women Feel Going to College in Delhi?

A women’s college’s cultural festival in the national capital. Unknown men enter the campus that’s supposed to be secured and guarded to protect the...
Auto for Impact India

Designing a Social Impact Campaign during COVID-19: The Auto for Impact Story

How does one plan and execute an innovative social impact campaign during COVID-19? The Auto for Impact team has some insights for you!

Towards Inclusive Private Schooling

During this lockdown, few private schools have hiked their fee for the current academic year. As a result, various state governments have issued guidelines...

Why Community Libraries Matter

How are community libraries changing the way children access education? What kind of a role can they play in a community's life? And how does one go about setting up a community library? Let's find out.

Beyond More Enrolment, RTE Needs to Consider Out-of-Class Lives

In a country that seems to be obsessed with Gross Enrolment Ratios, the lives of Om and Swati, students in Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh, force us to pause and reconsider.

Young Changemakers: The Torchbearers of Changemaking in Law and Justice

What do you young people think of law and justice? Ashoka Law For All Initiative's Report uncovers the inspirations, methods, and hurdles faced by young changemakers in their social entrepreneurial journeys across India.
India school street children

From Streets to Schools | The Bastion x Save the Children

“As the traffic light turns green, the car speeds off, leaving behind a little girl in a yellow dress selling storybooks on the street....