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Williams Serena Tennis

Catch 22: Serena Williams’ “Open” Dilemma

Written by Aarathi Ganesan Tennis, a white gentleman’s game for centuries, was revolutionized from the late 1990s by an innocuous debutant, Serena Williams. She entered...
Climate Change

Digging Deeper: The Relationship Between Climate Change & Capitalism

Written by Manas DuttIt is Al Gore’s almost two-decade-long, irrefutable and inconvenient truth that climate change is set to alter the planet radically if...
AAP Education Atishi

Students First: Using Education as an Electoral Platform

Written by Rizowana Hussaini As the early morning buzz settles in on the narrow alleys of Sangam Vihar, Delhi, uniform-donned students rush inside the gates...

Trailer: #WhereAreOurJobs

Stay tuned for our upcoming feature story that explores the reality of job creation in India. In an exclusive interview with Dr Himanshu, Associate...

Silencing Talkies – India’s Politicised Film Censorship

Co-created by Ashni Acharya and Kartik Sundar In the face of a rapidly expanding call for swaraj during the 1900s, the British Raj heavily censored...

Sparking A Conversation: The Taj Mahal Controversy

Sparking A Conversation is a video series aimed at creating a conducive environment for well-informed discussion, steeped in extensive research. With an array of...
Investigating the Logistics of Surveillance in India

Waking the Sleeping Giant: Investigating the Logistics of Surveillance in India

Written by Anupriya NairA report from the Reuter’s Institute found that at least 55% of English-language news readers in India are afraid of expressing...
Football VAR

VAR: Does the Scoreline Reflect the Game?

Written by Govind Narayan The approval and subsequent utilisation of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in the 2018 FIFA World Cup caused much furore, given...

Threats Looming in Gilded Waters: Tussle for Indian Ocean Domination Strains Sino-Indian Relations

Researched and written by Vansh Chaudhary.In 2008, China sent a naval task force to the Gulf of Aden as part of a multilateral anti-piracy...

What’s In a Name? Understanding the Definition of a Sport

Written by Ishaan BanerjiAs an Ultimate Frisbee player, I’ve often been told that I’m not playing a real sport. I’d never given these comments...


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