Sparking a Conversation: Saudi – Iran Relations

While the leader of Lebanon, Saad al-Hariri claims that he fears the threat of Hezbollah and Iran, recent evidence has shown a cooperation between the former and Lebanon. A recent power-sharing agreement between Hezbollah and the March Fourteenth Alliance led by al-Hariri has seen the two starting to work together. Much of these actions can be explained by briefly looking at the history of the Middle Eastern countries, as well as looking at other international players who have a hand in creating these power structures, such as Israel and the United States. We see that the issue is much more complex than appears at first, with divisive factors such as Mohammad Bin Salman polarising the issue according to religious lines. Thus, there are several power struggles relating rising factions in the Middle East, and the eventual leaders of these nations will determine whether or not there is peace in the region.

Edit: The analysis put forth in this video was done prior to Saad al-Hariri’s return to Beirut. It thus does not account for the change in affairs since his arrival. However, some of the larger contextual concerns remain equally valid despite his return.


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