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For the better part of a month, The Bastion Staff travelled to different cities and met so many kids who live off the streets. India is home to approximately 2 million street children, of whom 80% don’t have a recognisable identity, 70% are engaged in child labour and a little more than 60% can’t read or right. This problem is real; it stares us in the face at the turn of every corner of our metropolitan lives. In the first video of The Bastion’s and Save the Children Foundation India’s campaign, From Streets to Schools, we take a peek into the life of Ibrahim Ansari.

“I was taught to dream big. So what if it doesn’t come true? At least I tried, no?”
— Ibrahim Ansari

Studying in the eleventh grade, Ibrahim Ansari has lived in Haji Ali for 17 years and dreams of becoming a rapper. Through the work of NGOs such as Save the Children India and Hamara Foundation, Ibrahim has had access to a better education and opportunities to realize his dream.

While the arms of civil society organizations and the government have stretched far and wide in helping those in distress, street children easily go out of sight and mind, making it difficult for them to utilize their basic rights fully.

Set aside 5 minutes this Children’s Day, to hear Ibrahim’s story.

For more information on how you can help, go through the following link:

Disclaimer: The rap is Ibrahim’s rendition of Emiway’s Jhand Hai, and is not an original composition. All rights belong to the original artist.


  1. There is a very good by Snigdha Poonam called ‘Dreamers’. I am one of those who has faced it and seen it beyond data and statistics. Such a sham of an article.


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