Renewable Energy

Examining India’s renewable energy goals, implementation, policies and their role in sustainable development.

In the Dam Safety Bill 2019, the Devil Lies in the Details

To what extent does the Dam Safety Bill, 2019 prevent damages to dams that can turn into disasters?

“Yearly Investment in Solar Energy Needs to Double this Decade”: ISA’s Jagjeet Sareen on...

"We need to mobilize solar investment at unprecedented rates to ensure that our installed capacities can balance an ever-increasing demand," added Sareen.

As India Announces Carbon Neutrality by 2070, Let’s Talk About the Elephant in the...

This article is produced under the aegis of Climate Tracker’s Online COP26 Climate Justice Journalism Fellowship, awarded to The Bastion's Environment Lead Vaishnavi Rathore....

The Impacts of Unsustainable Iron Ore Mining on Redi, The Last Village on Maharashtra’s...

While mining has brought with it economic prosperity, it has negatively impacted the health of Redi’s residents, and the ecology of this biodiverse region.

Green Bonds: The Next Big Thing in Green Finance

‘Green finance’ is the new buzzword in the finance world: these are loans, debts, or investments available to be raised solely for those projects considered green.

How Displacement by Dams Changed the Lives of Gujarat’s Women

One factor binds all the families displaced by dam building in Gujarat: the women experienced the resettlement differently from men.

One Act, Three Proposed Amendments, and an Overhaul of India’s Coal Extraction

How do amendments to the Coal Bearing Areas Act affect the forest-dependent communities whose lands and forests would be acquired for mining in India?

Leaving Carbon Footprints Abroad, and Getting Away With It

While over 100 countries have pledged to reach "net zero emissions" by 2050, they continue to finance carbon-intensive projects and supply chains abroad.

Meet Hydrogen, the New Fuel in Town

Imagine owning a car that has zero emissions — except, this one isn’t by a battery-powered electric vehicle. Feels like an unlikely possibility? It’s...

Budget 2021: What Does the Wind Sector Need to Meet its 2022 60GW Target?

The Union Budget 2021 is here. Unsurprisingly, the shadow of COVID-19 loomed large over the budget as Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman presented it...