Development and the Environment

Population Growth, Rapid Development and Social Inequalities: How Noida’s Urban Planning Benefits Some, Leaves...

Despite his parents' discontent, 24-year-old Agam Gupta shifted to a high-rising society in the Noida region of Delhi NCR. He says he primarily chose...

Cooling India’s Urban Poor Houses Down

Urban Poor settlements can be found in huge numbers across the country's metropolitan cities. Generally home to daily wage labourers and low-income families, these...

Documenting Displacement, Climate Crises, and Trauma: All In a Day’s Work For Environmental Reporters

With environmental reporters covering the worst of the climate crises, what can media houses do to support a healthy work environment for them?

Losing Ground: Why Are Protected Areas Still The Model Form of Conservation?

Hosted by Aarathi Ganesan  Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal As our series on Losing Ground has noted, the Protected Areas (PA) model of conservation is fraught by...

In Today’s Weather Report: Climate Change Is Impacting Forced Human Migration

Written by Ayush Jain  In spite of growing concerns raised by climate scientists regarding human-induced climate change, climate change skeptics continue to refute glaring evidence....

Losing Ground: Is the FRA Protecting Displaced Communities in Protected Areas?

Hosted by Aarathi Ganesan Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal The Forests Right Act, 2006 (FRA), was envisioned as a law that would recognise forest dweller's historical and...

The Endless Battles of Children with Breathing Difficulties in Bengaluru

The voices of patients and caregivers ring loud and clear: worsening air quality in parts of the city is directly affecting the quality of life that our children can enjoy.
Shimla Water

Shimla’s Woes: Understanding the Water Crisis

Co-authored by Ishani Pant & Aishwarya Birla The acute shortage of water in Shimla has resulted in yet another round of blame games, while affected...
Introduction to Environment Law 3video

Introduction to Environment Law: Module 3

Welcome to the third and final module for our course, Introduction to Environment Law! Go Back to Module 2 | Go Back to Module 1 In...

Channelling the Right to Work Towards Climate Resilient, Sustainable Livelihoods

The cumulative effect that MNREGS activities can have on reducing agriculture, disaster, and livelihood-based vulnerabilities of rural households is staggering, and frankly quite underrated.