Climate Change

The effect of climate change on India and the policies and actions that are needed to counter it.

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionise Indian Agriculture

Each one of us is increasingly surrounded by applications that make use of artificial intelligence (AI)—whether that’s predictive typing on phones and laptops or...

Understanding Biology for Better Conservation and Management of Sharks and Rays

Editor's note: this article contains images of captured fish. Reader's discretion is advised. There’s a group of animals that have roamed the earth for millions...
farmer and environment protest india

Clash of the Toolkits: Where Farmers’ Concerns and Environmental Activism Converge

When we blame farmers for polluting the environment, we completely miss the intersection that exists between food production, ecology, and the threat that neo-liberal market reforms pose.

Using ACs to Cool Our Houses—and the Planet Too

By 2030 200 million Indians are expected to own an air conditioner. Given rising global temperatures, how can energy efficient ACs be made popular?
climate change conversation

Redefining the Climate Change Conversation

Written by Rohit Nair Climate change is widely regarded as the single biggest crisis threatening our collective future on this planet. A recent report published...

What if We Could Pay Farmers to Grow and Protect Forests?

COVID-19 is a global tragedy. However, what is of greater concern is that the pandemic is merely a symptom of a much larger problem:...
Environment & Human Rights

The Fundamentals of Living: Human Rights and the Environment

Co-authored by Aarathi Ganesan & Siddhant Sachdeva  In the wake of worsening climate change, environmental degradation, and poorly regulated industrialization, a safe, healthy, and prolonged...
Andaman and Nicobar

The Curious Case of Andaman and Nicobar’s Degraded Coral Reefs

Co-authored by Aarathi Ganesan and Avantika Bunga  Coral reefs and marine environments across the world are facing increased pressure from fast-developing blue economies and lacklustre...

Green Bonds: The Next Big Thing in Green Finance

‘Green finance’ is the new buzzword in the finance world: these are loans, debts, or investments available to be raised solely for those projects considered green.

Solutions to the Smoke: Upcoming Alternates to Stubble Burning

If there is anything that can survive through the toughest of times, it is internet memes. Just as the capital city became smokier, my...