Development and Education

Rethinking Education

How the Educated Lack an Education

Written by Rhea Narayan Kuthoore  A vital organ of society has been decaying over time. If you are reading this piece, you were probably thrust...

Central Board of Security Errors: Solving the CBSE’s Reputation for Leaking Papers

Here, we break down the process of how papers are set and sent to the examination centres. An in-depth look at each stage of...

Barbarians at the Feet of Dragons

Written by Philip Deweyi  Introduction: Getting to the core of today’s emerging challenges In an increasingly complex global economy, rapidly evolving technology forces us to question...
RSS Shakha The Bastion

Locating Sangh Shakhas Amidst a Secular India

Written by Simran Taneja  When translated from Sanskrit, the term shakha (śākhā) means a party, section, faction, school or sect of an ideological group. In...
Game Based Learning

From Rote to Tech: India’s Path to Ensuring Higher Learning Outcomes

Written by Amrita Singh How would you equally divide 16 oranges between 4 people? This year, the Annual Status of Education Report 2017 (ASER) decided...
India Education

Budget 2018: Is the Money Anywhere Close to the Mouth?

Co-authored by Amrita Singh & Tanvi Mehta An Obsession with the Established The budget for 2018-19, unveiled by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, focused on revamping...
Technology in Public Education

English (Win)glish: Using Technology to Improve Public Education

Co-authored by Amrita Singh and Tanvi Mehta At the level of providing pre-primary and primary education, India has been doing well since it features among...

‘Open’ for Business: The Growth of Massive Online Open Courses in India

Co-authored by Aarathi Ganesan and Aditya Vikram By virtue of her burgeoning population and proactive Right to Education policy, India is home to around 310...
Private versus public education in Maharashtra

Understanding Maharashtra’s Move to Privatise Education

Researched by Tanvi Mehta Written by Amrita Singh If all goes well, Maharashtra’s private school chains may soon be allowed to introduce their own academic boards....
IIM Bill 2017

Breathing New Life into the IIMs

Researched and Written by Aarathi Ganesan The Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) offer Post Graduate Diplomas in Management (PGDM) instead of prized MBA degrees, and are...

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