What is the Government Doing for Athletes? #Changethescript with Deepthi Bopaiah (Part 2)

Interviewed by Chirag Chinnappa; Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal.

From providing monetary support to upcoming athletes to creating a National Sports Education Board, how are different stakeholders coming together to pave the way for a successful sporting nation? Specifically, what is the government doing to ensure that we can increase both, the number and the quality, of athletes in the country?

These issues and more are explored in part two of our series, #changethescript, with Deepthi Bopaiah, Executive Director of GoSports Foundation.

You can watch part one here.

Chirag is the Co-Founder of and Chief Editor at The Bastion. Most of his work is fuelled by dinner-table conversations where adults hold unwavering beliefs and an even stronger will to listen selectively.


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