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Mysore Tipu Sultan

A Deeper Look at Tipu Sultan’s Enigmatic History

Research by Ishita Dewan. Written by Arjav Kulshreshtha. On Tuesday, the Karnataka High Court turned down a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) which opposed the celebration of...

Sparking a Conversation: Ethos of National Anthems

In the next video in our 'Sparking A Conversation' series, Ali Khan Mahmudabad explores the ideas behind a country's national anthem. Should it be law...

Rodrigo Duterte’s War on Drugs: Mass Murder or Effective Solution?

Researched and written by Sabhya Kumar.  In May of 2016, Rodrigo Duterte was voted to power in the Philippines. The former mayor of Davao was...

Sparking A Conversation: The Taj Mahal Controversy

Sparking A Conversation is a video series aimed at creating a conducive environment for well-informed discussion, steeped in extensive research. With an array of...
This flag is used by nationalists to symbolise the desire for the independence of Catalonia from the rest of Spain

Catalonia Referendum: Addressing Both Sides’ Democratic Arguments

Researched and written by Manas Dutt.  Following the self-determination referendum vote on October 1st triggered by the Generalitat de Catalunya, Catalonia is no longer split...
Rohingya Refugee

Situating India in the Rohingya: The Paradox of its Neutrality

Written by Manas Dutt.  As international limelight continues to fall on the Rohingya crisis, the UN has repeatedly stated that the displacement of Rohingya Refugees...

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: What lies beyond the Mahatma?

Researched and written by Arjav Kulshreshtha.  M. K. Gandhi, also known as Gandhiji, was born on 2nd October 1869. He was the leader of India’s...
Eat your spoon and save the world

Eat Your Spoon and Save the World

Researched and written by Supriya DG.  When Grade 1 students at Henderson Mill Elementary School, a STEM certified school in Atlanta, contacted the creator of...

Menacing Saffron Hue in Maharashtra Board History Textbooks

Researched and written by Manas Dutt.  “It is a British problem, first of all because there is so much historical amnesia about what the empire...
Fading Indian National Congress Symbol on a Wall

Tracing the Steady Demise of the Congress: What Happened to India’s Grand Old Party?

Researched and written by Arjav Kulshreshtha.  As a dominant political force, the Indian National Congress (INC) has had an unprecedented impact on the country, unlike...

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