Threats Looming in Gilded Waters: Tussle for Indian Ocean Domination Strains Sino-Indian Relations

Researched and written by Vansh Chaudhary. In 2008, China sent a naval task force to the Gulf of Aden as part of a multilateral anti-piracy...
Rise in Religious Politicism

Maudlin for the Mythic: Decoding the Rise of Pious Politics

Researched and written by Ayan Tandon. The last few years have shown a definitive resurgence of pious politics across the globe. From developed western countries...
Donald Trump

Leaving The Paris Climate Agreement: Environmentally Questionable, Economically Unsustainable

Researched and written by Anish Anandaram As President Trump touched down in Paris earlier this month, American citizens, corporations and lawmakers alike have all reached out to...
Bengal Violencevideo

The History of Political Violence in West Bengal

Is political violence an unavoidable part of West Bengal? How can we understand the violence that occurred after Mamta Banerjee's TMC won the state elections?

The CAA+NRC Protests: Who is the New Opposition in India?

Authored by Aarathi Ganesan Protests are erupting all over the country, some peaceful, some violent. Some feature students, others citizens, and some, according to the...

Sparking a Conversation: Ethos of National Anthems

In the next video in our 'Sparking A Conversation' series, Ali Khan Mahmudabad explores the ideas behind a country's national anthem. Should it be law...
'tis the Season! Should Judges Work More and Holiday Less?

’tis the Season! Should Judges Work More and Holiday Less?

Off late, the Supreme Court has come under increasing scrutiny for having extended vacation period. Despite the prolific verdicts passed in the past year, India’s understaffed judicial system is drowning in an ever-increasing number of cases. Is there any feasible solution to this problem?

Decoding the ‘Saudi-Iran Game of Thrones’

Written by Sabhya Kumar. The Middle East is infamous as a hotbed of continuous conflict. In most cases of unrest, Iran and Saudi Arabia can...
India Rape

Crime and Punishment: Why the New Ordinance Will Not Fight Rapes

Written by Aarushi Aggarwal  'Beti Bachao' These two words, that represent a countrywide campaign, have failed. Spearheaded by Prime Minister Modi, Beti Bachao may be painted on...

Of Monsters and Men: JNU v/s the Anti-national State

Written by Sourya Reddy  The day is like what’ve come to expect of any other in Delhi: filled with unease and tension over where the...