This first edition in a series of workshops aims to look at some of the aspects of climate change that are key to understanding the challenge better.

Curated for (but not limited to) young students, journalists, researchers, development and policy practitioners with a keen interest in climate change, this series will provide different lenses to view the issue through, and a new set of skills that will help the stakeholders navigate the challenges of climate change through their own fields. The sessions in this edition are the following:

  1. Understanding the Science of Climate Change (5th November, 7:00PM — 8:30PM IST)

climate change in depth the bastion

2. Climate Change & Energy (6th November, 6:00PM — 7:30PM IST)

climate change in depth

3. Reporting on Climate Change (7th November, 11:30PM — 1:30PM IST)

Climate Change in Depth



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