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Teacher’s Day 2019

Inclusive Education for the Visually Impaired

Written by Ipsita Mishra  “I lost my vision to Chickenpox in my childhood. I used to feel that this has only happened to me until...

Breaking the Taboo: Delhi’s Menstrual Health Challenge

Written by Ipsita Mishra  “Even if I want to be in school and not miss out on classes, it is really difficult to come during...
Teachers Protest Jharkhand

Same Work, Minimal Pay: Analyzing the Contract Teaching Phenomenon in India

Co-authored by Chetna Kumar and Avantika Bunga   On 17th January 2019, more than 45,000 ‘para-teachers’ in Jharkhand called off their 63-day hunger strike. As per...
Teacher Professor Promotions The Bastion

Pedigree over Publication: Vetting the UGC’s ‘Well-Researched’ Professor Promotion Formula

Co-authored by Ishani Pant and Charith Reddy  On June 13, the UGC announced new guidelines for the promotion and appointment of university and college teachers....

Looking Beyond Tokenism: Inspecting National Awards for Teachers

Structural deficiencies in India’s education system have resulted in lower academic standards and a generally dissatisfied teaching community. It is no surprise that Indian...

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