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Released, but not yet!

“Now that we are being sent back, will we get legal services and facilities to get timely bail or release or do we wait for another 5-6 years or another pandemic?”

#JustTech: The Revolution of Online Dispute Resolution

Online dispute resolution has the potential to ease the burden of caseload carried by courts, while at the same time making justice more accessible and decentralised. What does the ODR growth in India look like?

How Technology Can Improve Citizen Civic Engagement

Technology can improve the way that citizens engage with the law. Citizen feedback is crucial to a healthy legal system- what technological tools can improve the pre-legislative consultation process in India?

Why India Needs A More Proactive Approach to International Law

A group of international lawyers have petitioned the MEA for greater documentation of State practice. Why is there a need for transparency and accountability in State practice?

The Case Against Internet Shutdowns — Episode 3 of The Impact

Why does the government shut down internet services? Why do these shutdowns seem more likely to happen in specific parts of the country? What do they have to do with maintaining 'security'?

UP’s Population Control Bill Unlikely to Stand the Test of Courts,...

While the draft Bill has been criticised for being election propaganda by the BJP, the Yogi Adityanath government has insisted that it has been introduced with the intent of bringing down the TFR to 2.1 by 2026 and 1.9 by 2030. What are the legal and policy implications of such legislation?

Introduction to Environment Law: Module 1

What are the sources of Environment law? How are they categorized? How do these sources impact our understanding of the law? 

To Unlock the Potential of Open Government Data, India Needs New,...

Almost a decade after the launch of India’s Open [Government] Data initiative, the program remains constrained and has not lived up to its potential. Its deficiencies stem largely from the discretionary nature of the nation’s Open Data policy.

Envisioning Goa as a Higher Education Hub: The Goa Private Universities...

The creation of an educational hub in Goa requires a critical discussion on what such a vision means for the quality and accessibility of education, land rights and the environment.

Natural Springs, A Neglected Resource in India’s Water Management System

Natural springs have been a major water source and a vital part of the hydrological cycle for millennia. The very existence of springs has...