Exploring the positive and negative impacts of technology on Indian society

The Obstacles on the Path to Accurate Monsoon Forecasting

As technical as the science may be, its accuracy—or the lack thereof—directly impacts Indians, many of whom take important livelihood decisions based on this data.

The Struggles of Registering for COVID-19 Vaccines in Delhi’s Yamuna Khadar

The technological barrier CoWin erects while registering for COVID-19 vaccines could be counterproductive to the Centre’s goal of universal immunisation.

How Can Our Government-Run MOOCs Be Better?

With the onset of the second wave across India, Massive Online Open Courses will continue to be a light in the dark for stay-at-home learners. But how many government-run MOOCS do you even know of?

The Laws of the Land of Social Media

While the 2021 IT Rules attempt to regulate the harms of social media, they will also place disproportionate regulatory power in the government's hands.

The 2021 IT Rules: Do They Bark Or Do They Bite?

The IT Rules, 2021 may also impact the free flow of marginalised voices that non-profit organisations strive to promote online.

How Do the Information Technology Rules, 2021 Impact Non-Profit Organisations?

The 2021 IT Rules will affect non-profits publishing and curating information online.

Where the Mainstream Media Could Not Reach: How Local Information Travelled During the Lockdown

Community media filled the gaps left by the Indian mainstream media while documenting local issues and responses to COVID-19.

The Regulatory Regime for Digital News Media in India — The story so far

Do the 2021 IT Rules actually emerge from a policy need? What types of risks do they pose to the fundamental rights of users and the freedom of our digital news ecosystem?
Big Tech Regulation

Technically Speaking, What Can We Learn from Australia’s Move to Regulate Big Tech? with...

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Bringing Indian MSMEs into the 21st Century through Digital Payments

A development-oriented approach can bring small Indian businesses into the Digital Century.