In our next video in the ‘Sparking A Conversation’ series, Dr. Mahesh Rangarajan, a Professor of Environmental Studies and History, discusses the the key issues plaguing our environment, and weaves in multiple perspectives while exploring the historical and sociological reasons for a decline in our ecosystems. At the heart of this, however, are questions of interdependence between growth and sustainability, and whether a compromise can ever be made.

Can India become a country where no trade off is required for modernization, and is such a question even relevant, given that India’s animal population is thriving despite extreme environmental issues?

We have seen for decades that much of Europe and North America have cleaned up the air in their cities. Clearly, there seems to be an urgency in developed countries to maintain a healthy balance between industrialization and environmental cost. However, can ‘nature‘ be looked at from only the angle of flora and fauna? Dr. Rangarajan attempts to explore such broader concepts of nature from a historical perspective, and while may not have answers, has very valuable insights.


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