Open Access Chronicles: The Origin Story with Dr. Peter Suber (Chapter 2)

Hosted by Sourya Reddy
Edited by Malavika VN

From the early days of academic publishing to the emergence of an oligopoly, Chapter 1 of our series — Open Access Chronicles — explored the years leading up to the birth of the Open Access movement.

Watch Here: Open Access Chronicles: How Did We Get Here? (Chapter 1)

In this video, we sit down with Dr. Peter Suber of the Harvard Open Access Project and the Berkman-Klein Centre to explore the early days of the movement. Dr. Suber was one of the earliest and most prominent voices working for open access, and continues to be a central figure in the movement today.

In conversation with The Bastion’s Sourya Reddy, he explains what the guiding principles of the movement are, the challenges they faced and how they overcame (and continue to overcome) the misunderstandings of the academic publishing industry.



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