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Free coaching delhi

Conquering the Divide: Assessing Delhi’s Free Coaching Scheme

Written by Ipsita Mishra  Vijay Kumar, the son of a tailor, made the headlines last month for being enrolled at the prestigious Indian Institute of...
BCCY Scams Lodhi

The BCCI’S Autonomy is On the Fence

Understanding the Context It is difficult to put a finger on India’s obsession with cricket. Brought to the subcontinent by its colonial rulers, cricket is...
India Climate Strike

Fighting for the Future: Young Voices in the Climate Change Battle

Photographed & Written by Vaishnavi Rathore  Dusshera is around the corner. In that spirit, on a sunny morning last Friday, a life size Raavan made...

Teaching India: Analyzing the Four-Year B.Ed Programme

Written by Ipsita Mishra   "Those who can, do; and those who cannot, teach"  George Bernard Shaw’s one line, which was meant to be some harmless banter,...

Passing Clearances, Bypassing Consultations

Written by Arpitha Kodiveri Nestled within the mangroves along the coast of the Bay of Bengal are three panchayats of Gobindpur, Dhinkia, and Nuagaon. Bordered...
Japan Coal

From Japan, with Love

Written by Vaishnavi Rathore  At first glance, Japan is a good example for countries that aim to go green. By 2030, the country plans to...
Libraries Delhi

Sinking Treasures: Reviving Delhi’s Public Libraries

Written & Photographed by Ipsita Mishra  Libraries have always overwhelmed us with the extensive information preserved in the form of books, and have been a...
Vaishnavi Rathore The Bastion

Why Aren’t We Making Hay as the Sun Shines? Moving to Solar Rooftops

Written by Vaishnavi Rathore with inputs from Arnab Chakraborty The view from one of Dwarka’s apartments initially looks like the typical New Delhi skyline. The...

Jheel Ke Kinaare: Crisis in the City of Lakes (Part II)

Filmed by Kartikeya Saxena  Last month, we looked at one part of Udaipur's troubled water scenario; how Udaipur is burdened by the ever-increasing number of...
EWS Reservation

Public Good, Private Responsibility? The RTE’s EWS Reservation

Understanding the Context The Right to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act was hailed as a monumental intervention to increase access to education. However, it...


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