About Us

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while Truth is pulling its boots on”

– C.H. Spurgeon (1859).

The race to deliver news in a competitive industry has resulted in its rampant sensationalization. So much so, that citizens can no longer trust the news they read. By ensuring that research and facts get ahead amidst misinformed conversation, we are here with the ambition of reinstating the dissolving public faith in the fourth pillar of a democracy.

The Bastion is a digital media platform that publishes explanation, analysis and opinion on what we feel are the most critical matters within carefully selected fields. Our content covers the business, politics, policy, culture, technology, and foreign affairs negotiating these areas. We have set out in the firm belief that our responsibility as a trustworthy media organization can only be fulfiled by providing depth before spreading wide in terms of our content and research. Setting aside general reportage, we aspire to present refined journalism steeped in quality research. By collaborating with individuals and organizations around the world in making information broadcasting clean, concise and innovative, we commit to providing our viewers with a comprehensive picture of anything we cover.

The Bastion holds democratic values and the public interest in the highest regard. We believe that making news content interactive and easy to grasp will foster a space wherein viewers are equipped with contextual knowledge to confidently participate in the discourse surrounding them. And, like many other things, this endeavour cannot be fulfiled without further conversation; we only ask that you read what we write, engage with it and send us your feedback.

– The Founding Team of The Bastion