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Choreographing Transformation through Performance

Interviewed by Supriya D.G.  The labouring maternal body is not an unusual sight. Yet, there are few representations of motherhood outside of the intersection of...

‘Developing’ Education or Cultural Distancing? Delving into the EMRS Scheme

Written by Ayush Jain Ever since Independence, the educational indicators of India’s Scheduled Tribe (ST) population have been much lower compared to the rest of...

Monument Mitras: Preserving National Heritage or Furthering Corporate Ambition?

Understanding the Context The  ‘Monument Mitra’ is a plan of action devised by the BJP government to contain and control the systemic decay and deterioration...

A Farewell to Arms? The Legal Battle Over Kodagu’s Gun Culture

Understanding the Context Located on the Western Ghats, Kodagu (Coorg) District in Karnataka is home to the Kodavas – a martial community of fewer than...

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