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How More Women Coaches Can Change The Game In India

Gender equity is a whole ecosystem in Sports. This ecosystem involves not only the sportswomen themselves, but also the coaches, referees, and even the communities to which they all belong. But how does one address this imbalance, and get more girls playing sports?

Re-Introducing Sports and Physical Education in Schools: Overcoming the COVID Hangover

It has been a little over two years since the first lockdown was announced in India aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic....

A Palette of Perspectives for Indian Football’s Canvas

Curated by Adarsh Singh | Featured illustration by Shreya Bhatia for The Bastion Understanding the Context Our recently published analysis on How the AFC is Painting...
BCCY Scams Lodhi

The BCCI’S Autonomy is On the Fence

Understanding the Context It is difficult to put a finger on India’s obsession with cricket. Brought to the subcontinent by its colonial rulers, cricket is...