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Delhi’s Master Plan Ignores the City’s Fishers, But This is Not...

While Delhi's Master Plan 2041 proposes green belts and parks along the Yamuna, it excludes those dependent on its resources: like Delhi’s 2,500 fishers.

The History of Political Violence in West Bengal

Is political violence an unavoidable part of West Bengal? How can we understand the violence that occurred after Mamta Banerjee's TMC won the state elections?

Why Isn’t Quality Primary Education Ever a Poll Promise?

India's learning crisis could gain political legitimacy if used as an electoral platform by political parties.

The Fight for Clean Air in the City of Joy

Over the years, Kolkata has celebrated Diwali and Kali Puja—which fall between October to November—with religious vigor, accompanied by the carefree bursting of fireworks....

Creating Resilient Livelihoods in the Sundarbans, Sans Embankments

It was the 1790s. Tillman Henkel, a magistrate appointed by the newly-arrived British, was a busy man. He had the task of developing an...