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Making Soccer Great Again

Written by Sreeradh Radhakrishnan Despite playing in every FIFA World Cup between 1990 and 2014 and even hosting the 1994 World Cup, the United States...

The Green Mile: Reintegrating India’s Inmates

Written by Aishwarya Birla Prisons are seen as repositories for those who are aberrations in society, outcasts due to their unlawful acts. The Indian criminal...

Turning Back Time: Cricket in the USA

Written by Arvind Pennathur   It is peculiar that cricket, the second most popular sport in the world, is practically non-existent in arguably the most influential...

Donald Trump is a Child (And That’s Why People Love Him!)

Written by Aditya Srinivasan When faced with complicated questions, children offer the simplest responses. It is often endearing to watch a child stumble its way up...

Can America Plan Better for Cyclones in the Future?

Written by Stuti Pachisia On August 17th, the National Hurricane Center in Miami issued a warning against a small but developing tropical cyclone. Within a...

Leaving The Paris Climate Agreement: Environmentally Questionable, Economically Unsustainable

Researched and written by Anish Anandaram As President Trump touched down in Paris earlier this month, American citizens, corporations and lawmakers alike have all reached out to...


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