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Group Privacy and Data Trusts: A New Frontier for Data Governance?

In the past few years, it has become common knowledge that Big Tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon rely on the exploitation of...

59 Chinese Apps Banned: What’s India’s Next Move?

While most of our activities in the physical world have been paused, the digital ecosystem continues to carry forward at an accelerated pace. From...

Amidst COVID-19, Who is Watching Over Children’s Data on Ed-Tech Platforms?

As Indian students continue to depend on ed-tech platforms to learn for the foreseeable future, we also need to also think about how we’re protecting their digital and personal safety. Are ed-tech companies themselves responsibly using and protecting children’s data? How is the Indian state monitoring their protection of children’s data? Are our Internet laws strong enough to protect a child’s right to privacy online? We answer all these questions and more, in this month’s On the Fence.

As We May Teach: Where Does All the Ed-Tech Data Go?

This article is the first instalment of Aparna Ramanujam's two-part series 'As We May Teach' which evaluates the privacy concerns and cognitive learning aspects of...