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What Instagram Does in the Shadows

Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter suppress content visibility through shadowbanning. How does this impact free speech and user experience?

Tracing Traceability: Why Weakening Encryption Threatens Privacy and Free Speech

Weakening encryption technology has serious implications on privacy and security. What are the workarounds to breaking end-to-end encryption?

The Laws of the Land of Social Media

While the 2021 IT Rules attempt to regulate the harms of social media, they will also place disproportionate regulatory power in the government's hands.

The 2021 IT Rules: Do They Bark Or Do They Bite?

The IT Rules, 2021 may also impact the free flow of marginalised voices that non-profit organisations strive to promote online.

How Do the Information Technology Rules, 2021 Impact Non-Profit Organisations?

The 2021 IT Rules will affect non-profits publishing and curating information online.

The Regulatory Regime for Digital News Media in India — The...

Do the 2021 IT Rules actually emerge from a policy need? What types of risks do they pose to the fundamental rights of users and the freedom of our digital news ecosystem?

Technically Speaking, Here are 4 Things to Know About Fake News

In the age of constant information being bombarded towards us through our numerous devices every second, it might be time we stopped to think about exactly how much information you and I consume that is actually credible. With this in mind, in today's video we dissect four critical elements of Fake News that make it a constant and dangerous pest in our daily lives.

Shouldn’t eGov Software Be Free and Open Source?

Featured image courtesy Jon Moore on Unsplash Understanding the Context Bureaucratic transactions are no longer confined to stuffy sarkari offices. At the Centre and state levels,...

A Brief History of Identification in India

Research by Isha Malaviya Edited & Presented by Sumit Krishna Yadav The politics of identity has long plagued the globe and India is no exception to...

The State Of Facial Recognition In India

Research by Bharath Pottekkat Presented & Edited by Sumit Krishna Yadav The Indian state is quickly adopting new forms of emerging technologies, especially facial recognition...