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The 2021 IT Rules: Do They Bark Or Do They Bite?

The IT Rules, 2021 may also impact the free flow of marginalised voices that non-profit organisations strive to promote online.

How Do the Information Technology Rules, 2021 Impact Non-Profit Organisations?

The 2021 IT Rules will affect non-profits publishing and curating information online.

Reimagining Conservation in the Global South

This is the second instalment of a two-part series released in collaboration with Dakshin Foundation on conservation in the Global South. Click here to...

When the North Funds the South for Conservation

With inputs from Dakshin Foundation When most people think of conservation, they think of Big International NGOs (BINGOs) like Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), Conservation...

Lessons from Another Disaster: Revisiting Kachchh Amidst COVID-19

As humanity struggles to stay standing after the knock-out punch delivered by COVID-19, it may be useful to look at how we survived previous...