Tag: Citizen Science

Teach ‘Em Young: Appreciating Biodiversity Through Our Classrooms

There is a need to develop a language and vocabulary that communicates the essence of the natural world to young students. Citizen science interventions such as Nature Classrooms and Suttha Muttha are encouraging children to go beyond what's in their textbooks to observe, feel, and hear all that is around them.

Creating Marine Scientists Out of Divers

Reeflog capitalises on India's growing diving industry and ocean conservation conscience to create citizen scientists out of divers.

The Obstacles on the Path to Accurate Monsoon Forecasting

As technical as the science may be, its accuracy—or the lack thereof—directly impacts Indians, many of whom take important livelihood decisions based on this data.

Smartphone Apps for Smarter River Monitoring

In mid-October every year, holy water is believed to spring at Talacauvery, nestled in Karnataka's Kodagu district. This site is famously known bas the...

Citizen Science: Data of the People, by the People, for the...

Last week, something interesting was introduced in the state of Sikkim. A ‘Sunny Weather Lab’ to record information like wind speed, temperature, and rainfall...