Technically Speaking, Does India Use Predictive Policing? (Ep. 2)

Researched by Bharath Pottekkat 
Edited by Malavika VN 
Hosted by Sourya Reddy 

Episode 1 of this series looked at the concept of predictive policing, what it entails, how it is being used across the world and the various issues with its implementation.

In this next episode, we take a look at India. Do the country’s police forces us any form of predictive policing? How much is known to the public about this technology? What needs to be done to ensure the safe adoption and use of the same? Let’s find out.


Bharath Pottekkat is a law student at Jindal Global Law School and is extremely interested in studying the interaction between the legal system and society, in particular its impact on the marginalised and disadvantaged communities.


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