What Role Do Adivasi Youth & Women Play in Conservation? With Archana Soreng

Edited by Sumit Krishna Yadav

The climate crisis, as we have known for a while now, affects us all. However, some groups and individuals are more susceptible and vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change. Take an average farmer for example; their livelihood is highly dependent on crops that are, in turn, dependent on climate conditions. Although the example is quite a generalisation, it drives home the fact that the effects of climate change are disproportionate, and so are the solutions. Societies throughout the globe have discovered their own methods to push forward conservation within their neighbourhoods, and most often, these are the voices that are absent in mainstream media. Today, Vaishnavi Rathore talks to Archana Soreng, one of just seven members of the Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change created by the United Nations and Research Officer at Vasundhara, Odisha. They dissect the specific roles played by Adivasi women and youth in conservation from the Indian context.

Vaishnavi, The Bastion's Environment Lead, is interested in covering stories on forest and land rights, ecological restoration, governance of commons, and environmental justice.



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