Tigers: Behind the Lens of India’s Pride

The Project Tiger initiative was created under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 for the safety and well being of the national animal of the country. Despite the initiative, the tiger occupancy area has decreased by 41% and mortality rates remain significant, with Madhya Pradesh accounting for a third of tiger mortalities. Apart from poaching, the $19 billion animal trafficking industry only worsens the condition, with India being one of the leading suppliers of tiger products in the illegal animal trade market. At the current rate of progression, the fears of a disrupted ecosystem are becoming more and more real. As Aashna Lal, a wildlife photographer, states: the fact that tigers are at the top of the food chain does not mean they are not vulnerable creatures. Their existence is key for a balanced and healthy environment, and with over 100 killed in just the last year, it seems we are moving further and further away from that ideal. 


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