Syllabus and Pedagogy

The politics in structuring the education system; the politicisation of syllabi and exploring the knock-on effects of the diversification of syllabi.

‘Developing’ Education or Cultural Distancing? Delving into the EMRS Scheme

Written by Ayush Jain Ever since Independence, the educational indicators of India’s Scheduled Tribe (ST) population have been much lower compared to the rest of...
Refugee education

Educating Refugees: Uncertain Prospects for Rohingya Children in Chennai

Written by Jayashri R. Sundaram  “I am happy that I can at least go to school here. Back home we were not allowed to even...

Indian Students’ Silent Hymns: Of Sanskrit Prayers in Secular Schools

Co-authored by Kaushalya Misra & Avantika Bunga    “What is the problem with saying Vande Mataram? We are saying thank you to mother earth? What...
Education HP

The Peaks of Education: Learning from Himachal Pradesh’s Inclusive Model

Co-authored by Raka De & Tanvi Mehta  On the 1st of February 2018, the interim Budget announced by Piyush Goyal saw a 10% hike in...
Teachers Protest Jharkhand

Same Work, Minimal Pay: Analyzing the Contract Teaching Phenomenon in India

Co-authored by Chetna Kumar and Avantika Bunga   On 17th January 2019, more than 45,000 ‘para-teachers’ in Jharkhand called off their 63-day hunger strike. As per...
The Bastion

An Optimistic Fix: The Pitfalls of the Happiness Curriculum in Delhi

Co-created by Kartik Sundar and Jinson George Chako  In what seemed like a recognition of the hectic and stressful nature of the Indian education system,...
The Bastion Tanvi Mehta

Rewriting the National Education Policy: Shortcomings and Solutions

Written by Tanvi Mehta  ‘There is a need for value education, experiential learning, practical knowledge, life skill education and physical education. But where is the...
India school street children

From Streets to Schools | The Bastion x Save the Children

“As the traffic light turns green, the car speeds off, leaving behind a little girl in a yellow dress selling storybooks on the street....
The Letter of the Law: For the People and Of the People?

The Letter of the Law: For the People and Of the People?

Co-authored Avantika Bunga and Swini Khara "The summum bonum of the aforesaid discussion is that all the aforesaid material which existed before the learned Executing...

From Streets to Schools

“I think we have failed our children. We will have to be kind to them, we have to reach out to them. The country...

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