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Independence Day 2019

This Independence Day, let us rejoice the past while simultaneously work towards a brighter tomorrow for all Indian residents.

‘Cricket Nationalism’ and the Northeast

Written by Tanvi Apte  India’s diversity needs no introduction. Languages, food, festivals, clothing and more, it would probably take a lifetime to count the assortment...
India Environment

Of the people, By the People, but For Whom? Building Environmental Democracy in India

Written by Sourya Reddy  Another election season is upon us, and the echoes of electoral promises are getting louder and more chaotic. Amidst this “festival...
India Children Education

From Streets to Schools: Making the Invisible Visible

Co-authored by Evita Rodrigues and Sanya Sharma    “More than anything else, schools are instruments for bridging inequalities in the country and breaking the cycle of...
The Bastion

From Streets To Schools: The Girl in the Yellow Dress

Co-authored by Evita Rodrigues and Sanya Sharma  As the traffic light turns red, I hear a knock on the taxi window. Looking out, I see a...

A Tale of Two Histories: Where Is the Northeast in Our Textbooks?

Co-authored by Haya Wakil and Aarathi Ganesan  Most Indian citizens can wax eloquent on India’s’ ancient dynasties and kingdoms, its freedom fighters and perhaps even...