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What Happens to Olympians After the Olympics?

The monetary and in-kind rewards offered to the current set of Olympians must translate into supporting them towards 2024, along with creating a sustainable pool of talent for future editions of the Games.

Whose Olympics is it Anyway? The Edokko Dilemma

What elements have complicated Tokyo’s ability to assure the world that the Olympics will be held amidst a pandemic?

COVID-19 vs 2020’s Sports Calendar: Checking Our Priorities

The Bastion Shorts—Episode 8 The world is at a standstill. As the novel Coronavirus spreads further, the world seems to be locking-down. Earlier this month...

Getting a Kick: The Scourge of Doping in Indian Sports

Written by Suheil Tandon and Antony CJ The figures say it all; doping in Indian sports is at an all-time ‘high’. India ranked 7th in...