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In Rajasthan, a Public Land Protection Cell is Removing Encroachments, But...

A 2019 order passed by the Rajasthan High Court called for the formation of a Public Land Protection Cell, a district-level conflict resolution institution to investigate cases of encroachments on common lands. In this two-part series, The Bastion investigates the efficiency of these unique Public Land Protection Cells through interviews and information received via Right to Information applications. Part 1 uncovers the types of conflicts that occur on these “commons”, and how a delayed start to these cells and slow disposals might be plaguing their functioning.

What 70 Years of Ordinances Tell Us About the President’s Powers

While the President’s power to issue ordinances was intended to manage emergency situations, ordinances are not rare. President Droupadi Murmu’s election is historic; how she deals with ordinances will be an important aspect of her tenure.